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grantor.nameUniversity of Oxford
grantor.acronymOxford University
grantor.acronymUniversity in Oxford
grantor.acronymUniversitas Oxoniensis

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Funded publications

  • Smilansky, Uri; Lewon, Marc (2021)
    The idea of improvisation, broadly defined, has been integral to our imagination of the medieval musical past. It can be related to many elements of production: to the act of un-notated creation; to the manipulation and ...
  • Anomaly, Jonny; Johnson, Tess (2024)
    The desire to transform ourselves into something better than we are now is as old as humanity. But the ability to use biomedical technologies to enhance our capacities is new. In this chapter, we will distinguish different ...
  • Cassis, Youssef; Wójcik, Dariusz (2018)
    This book gathers leading economic historians, geographers, and social scientists to focus on the developments in key international financial centres following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and to consider the likely ...