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dc.contributor.editorEphremides, Anthony
dc.contributor.editorSun, Yin
dc.description.abstractThe concept of information freshness has developed over the last few years into an active and rapidly growing area of research. It has become known as the Age of Information (AoI). After its initial formal introduction, it became clear that it was very relevant (if not crucial) for numerous applications, ranging from autonomous vehicle systems, the Internet of Things, real-time computing to database access, caching, and wireless communications. More importantly, the combination of the transmission delay and sampling rate that are involved in the formulation of the AoI concept has made it clear that there are far-reaching consequences in the relationship between signal processing, information theory, and control theory at a fundamental level. In this Special Issue, we received contributions that span the full range of applications and theoretical foundations of the AoI concept, which, in fact, is also a performance metric and an analysis tool. Of special interest is the role of AoI in bridging different disciplines and the use of AoI in the analysis and optimization involved in important applications.
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::T Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Industrial processes::TB Technology: general issuesen_US
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::T Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Industrial processes::TB Technology: general issues::TBX History of engineering and technologyen_US
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::K Economics, Finance, Business and Management::KN Industry and industrial studies::KNB Energy industries and utilitiesen_US
dc.subject.othercyber–physical system
dc.subject.otherwireless networked control system
dc.subject.otherremote control
dc.subject.othercommunication control co-design
dc.subject.otherage of information
dc.subject.otherstatus update
dc.subject.otherchannel quality
dc.subject.othervalue of information
dc.subject.othernoisy Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process
dc.subject.otherconstrained Markov decision process
dc.subject.otherreinforcement learning
dc.subject.othertimely status updates
dc.subject.otherwireless powered communication networks
dc.subject.otherreal-time state update
dc.subject.otherutility maximization
dc.subject.otherparallel servers
dc.subject.otherenergy harvesting
dc.subject.otherAge of Information
dc.subject.otherage of incorrect information
dc.subject.othermulti-user system
dc.subject.otherscheduling policy
dc.subject.otherstatus update system
dc.subject.othermultiple access channels
dc.subject.othermultiple-input multiple-output Rayleigh fading channel
dc.subject.otherdiscrete-time Markov chain
dc.subject.otherconvex optimization
dc.subject.otherRF energy-harvesting
dc.subject.othercognitive radio network
dc.subject.otherdynamic programming
dc.subject.otherquery age of information
dc.subject.otherwireless networks
dc.subject.othersoftware-defined radio
dc.subject.othertimely infection tracking
dc.subject.othertimely tracking of multiple processes
dc.subject.otherMarkovian infection spread model
dc.subject.otherdiscrete time status updating system
dc.subject.otherprobabilistic preemption
dc.subject.otherprobability generation function
dc.subject.otherstationary distribution
dc.subject.otherinformation update
dc.subject.otherreliable backup energy
dc.subject.otherurgency of information
dc.subject.otherinformation freshness
dc.subject.otherresource constraints
dc.subject.otherLyapunov optimization
dc.subject.othergossip networks
dc.subject.otherstochastic hybrid systems
dc.titleAge of Information: Concept, Metric and Tool for Network Control

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