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    • Saunders, Corinne (2018)
      Always rewriting and always rewritten, romance also opens onto new ways of seeing. Romance retains its power in part because, in its engagement with thinking, feeling, and being in the world, it continues to allow ...
    • Powell, Hilary (2018)
      “St Dunstan stood in his ivied tower, Alembic, crucible, all were there; When in came Nick to play him a trick, In guise of a damsel passing fair. Every one knows How the story goes: He took up the tongs and caught hold ...
    • Kukita Yoshikawa, Naoë (2015)
      Current preoccupations with the body have led to a growing interest in the intersections between religion, literature and the history of medicine, and, more specifically, how they converge within a given culture. This ...
    • Saunders, Corinne (2019)
      This essay addresses intersections of gender and genre by exploring the complex ways in which the Book of Margery Kempe draws on other devotional texts, particularly those of Hilton and Rolle, on the lives of holy women, ...
    • Atkin, Tamara; Rajsic, Jaclyn (2019)
      Literature, European and World Literature: General Interest
    • Ashe, Laura; Knox, Philip; Kawton, David; Scase, Wendy (2018)
      An invigorating annual for those who are interested in medieval textual cultures and open to ways in which diverse post-modern methodologies may be applied to them." Alcuin Blamires Review of English Studies"
    • Archibald, Elizabeth; Leitch, Megan; Saunders, Corinne (2018)
      Literature; European and World Literature: General Interest