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    • Ann Oakley (2011)
      This is a fascinating and highly readable biography of Barbara Wootton, one of the extraordinary public figures of the twentieth century. She was an outstanding social scientist, an architect of the welfare state, an ...
    • Wallis, Glenn (2018)
      What are we to make of Western Buddhism? Glenn Wallis argues that in aligning their tradition with the contemporary wellness industry, Western Buddhists evade the consequences of Buddhist thought. This book shows that with ...
    • Hilary Hinds (2019)
      Through tracing the history of twin beds, this book reveals unexpected perspectives on the social and sexual mores of late 19th- and 20th Britain.
    • John Holmwood (2011)
      Responding to the debates the recent Browne report has sparked, this book addresses the public role of higher education. It is a manifesto arguing against the marketization of education and the inequalities that these ...
    • Guy Standing (2014)
      Building on the success of The Precariat, Guy Standing
    • Steven Fielding (2014)
      How has British democracy been represented in novels, plays and films in a century of political turbulence? Steven Fielding offers the first book length study of the fictionalisation of British politics during the rise, ...
    • Christian Fleck (2011)
      The 20th Century saw a dramatic shift of the hub of science and social science systems to the USA. This dynamic began to unfold at precisely the same time as the power structure of Central Europe shifted towards dictatorship. ...
    • Domoney-Lyttle, Zanne; Adams, Sean A. (2019)
      The figure of Abraham has been extensively discussed in Jewish and Early Christian Literature. This collection of essays follows the impact of Abraham across biblical texts, including the Pseudigrapha and Apocrypha into ...
    • Lea Shaver (2010)
      Access to Knowledge in Brazil addresses the issues currently facing intellectual property and innovation in the context of developing countries. This book explores how copyrights and patents have influenced the rapidly ...
    • Nagla Rizk; Lea Shaver (2010)
      This ground-breaking volume features chapters on current issues facing intellectual property, innovation and development policy from the Egyptian perspective. It is an essential overview of the key issues facing access to ...
    • Ramesh Subramanian; Lea Shaver (2011)
      Access to Knowledge in India addresses the issues currently facing intellectual property and innovation in India. This book explores how copyrights and patents have influenced the rapidly growing economy of India.
    • Koksal, Ozlem (2016)
      Looking at films that represent the experience of displacement in relation to Turkey’s minorities, Aesthetics of Displacement argues that there is a particular aesthetic continuity among the otherwise unrelated films. Ozlem ...
    • Bellano, Marco (2021-06-03)
      A comprehensive overview of Bruno Bozzetto's Allegro non Troppo, engaging with Italian animation and audiovisual analysis of the medium.
    • Linda Jean Kenix (2011)
      In this ground-breaking new book, Linda Jean Kenix shows how alternative and mainstream media exist on the same continuum, and where their points of convergence lie. She also demonstrates how alternative media creates ...
    • Rob Vos; Jose Antonio Alonso; Giovanni Andrea Cornia (2014)
      Provides new ideas to address today's global development challenges, evaluating past experience and exploring answers for the future.
    • Nathan Jun (2012)
      The book argues that anarchism should be considered the first ""postmodern"" philosophical and political movement and offers a revision of ""classical anarchism.""
    • Hall, Edith (2016-06-02)
      Ancient Greek Myth in World Fiction since 1989 explores the diverse ways that contemporary world fiction has engaged with ancient Greek myth. Whether as a framing device, or a filter, or via resonances and parallels, Greek ...
    • A. Terrance Wiley (2014)
      As part of the Contemporary Anarchist Studies series, Angelic Troublemakers investigates religious and philosophical sources of modern American anarchism.
    • Wischermann, Clemens; Steinbrecher, Aline (2018)
      Assembling an impressive cast of contributors, this volume employs liminality as a lens through which to study the social and cultural history of animals in the modern city. It includes a variety of case studies, such as ...
    • Lawrence Hamilton (2014)
      After 20 years of democracy in South Africa, why has political freedom not been achieved for the majority of South Africans?